In the town of Hieronopolis, a young sarcophagus painter named Nebamun has vanished. About two months ago, a little girl named Wabet went wandering on the edge of town in the red dunes. She vanished. After five days, Nebamun found her, sick, but alive. She had fallen in a trapdoor, leading into a great catacomb connected to the Pyramid of the town. Wabet was fine, but Nebamun was intrigued by the catacombs. Exploring them, he soon began spending less and less time in town. Now the door has been sealed again, and strange things are happening. Water is tasting odd, plants are dying, citizens are experiencing terrible dreams, and just last week, a small band of the undead began wandering through the town. They were slain, but bad times are coming.

Legacy of Hieronopolis